Survivor May11th- Rob Stabs His Besty in the Back

Andrea shows up on Redemption with Matt, Ralph, and Mike. She pleads her case to Matt telling him why her team voted her off. He didn’t seem to fall for her cunning charm this time. Thank goodness! As much as I don’t like the way she treated Matt I also didn’t agree with the men […]

Survivor May 4th: Mike “Loves His Neighbors”

Love from home showed up on video tonight. As each one listened to the message from their loved one the tears were plentiful. Back on Redemption Island matt, Mike, Ralph and Steve also watched videos of their family members. The winner of the duel would win time with his loved one. After a game of […]

There’s A Reason I Like Reality Television

Okay so I’m a reality TV fanatic. I’ve tried to figure this one out and all I can come up with is that i like real life more than something fake. However I do still watch Days Of Our Lives because a 40 year habit is hard to break. My reality Tv schedule begins on […]

Survivor’s Phillip Loses His Cool

The “star” of Survivor this week was the infamous Phillip. He kept the camp talking with his rantings and ravings. When Ometepe’s rice became infested with mildew and maggots Phillip wanted to put the good rice in the can with Zap’s rice. Steve protested and said when Ralph returned he would speak with him about […]

Survivor Redemption: Not Again! Poor Matt!

Matt won 6 challenges while on Redemption Island and got the chance to come back to camp. Boston Rob got a little “paranoid” when he saw Matt, Andrea and Mike were reading the Bible together. He said he didn’t have anything against God, just a group forming for whatever reason. I think he just doesn’t […]

Survivor, Redemption Island: Nice Guys Do Finish Last

It’s not always true that nice guys finish last but on last night’s Survivor it certainly happened that way. Matt Elrod, a player who according to his profile intended to play with integrity, got blindsided by his fellow teammates. The Ometepe team led by Boston Rob lost two challenges in a row and after the […]