I’m Waiting To Hear From God/ One minute devo from Julie

You are answering my prayer I know You are . Thank You for Your warm love while I wait. I KNOW You care about every bit of my life. Yet I wonder how, because I make such messes. I know You are moving in the situation but I do not understand how just yet. All I know […]

Email In Response To Heather’s Post “Fear and Relationships

 I received this email from a precious friend of mine after she read Heather’s post last week. “Fear and Relationships”. I asked her if I could share it with you because it is so full of passion for God. LaMonica’s heart is tender to God and I thought WOW! wouldn’t be amazing if I was seeking […]

Will You Pray This Prayer?

Lord, this day is Yours and my life is Yours. May each step I take leave an imprint of Your glory; may each word I speak leave an echo of Your love; may each deed I do leave the fragrance of Your presence.May my hands be an extension of Your mercies, may my heart be […]

Spiritual Perfection: Can It Be Acheived?

The mask of perfection is so hard to wear because it is one of the fakier masks. Why is it hard? Because no one is perfect and keeping up this pretense takes so much work. I’ve always known I’m not perfect in the homemaking department, wifing (is that a word), mothering, or working departments either. But […]

I Fell Down The Stairway To Heaven

I was thinking about the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin yesterday. So I pulled up the words on Google and read back over them. They really didn’t make much sense to me except when he sang, “and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.” It makes me think of the times in my life that […]

What’s A Girl Worth?

The Past- Years Ago Life’s about making everyone happy right? I try but fail miserably. And do they let it slide like I do when they mess up? No way. They make a point to let me know just how bad I junked it up. I only hear the negative not the positive. The thing […]

31 Days of Taking Off Masks: Day 9 Pretending to Forgive

I wear a mask pretending I’ve forgiven a certain person. It’s a great mask, all nice and pretty with a smile attached every time I see her. But when I see her I’m just not sure I’ve relinquished full forgiveness because I still really don’t want to be around her too much. (No it’s not […]

Deodorant and The Holy Spirit

Have you seen the commercial about Degree deodorant with motion sense from Wal-mart? The push to buy it is “the more you move the more it works”. Then the scene goes to a man telling his wife they should try it. Next we see the couple dancing at a party, her arms raised as she dances and […]

My Faith Wobbled A Little

Father God, Today is one of those times I trust You to hold my hand and make me strong in every circumstance. My faith feels strong now but yesterday it seemed weak. It’s not that I don’t know who You are and what You can do it’s my own human frailty that keeps me from […]

Darlene’s Thankful Tuesday: Join In!

My friend Darlene Minshew wrote this thankful list for Thankful Tuesday and I just had to share it with you. Please feel free to share something or someone you are thankful for in the comments below. 1) I’m thankful I live in a country that women experience freedom in and have the right to vote. […]