I Predict American Idol Winner

I’m just gonna say I TOLD YOU SO! Back in one of the very first blog post I wrote about American Idol this year I predicted Lauren Alaina would win this season. See for yourself here. From the first time she auditioned I agreed with Steven when he said he thought she was the American Idol. […]

Survivor Part 2: Harsh Words and Secrets Revealed

Rob comments that he has to find a way to convince the jury to give him a million dollars even after his wife Amber won a million in another season. Well we’ll see how he handles it. Everybody can use 2 million dollars, right? Phillip burned his faded red tightie whitey undies and said, “I […]

Survivor May 4th: Mike “Loves His Neighbors”

Love from home showed up on video tonight. As each one listened to the message from their loved one the tears were plentiful. Back on Redemption Island matt, Mike, Ralph and Steve also watched videos of their family members. The winner of the duel would win time with his loved one. After a game of […]

There’s A Reason I Like Reality Television

Okay so I’m a reality TV fanatic. I’ve tried to figure this one out and all I can come up with is that i like real life more than something fake. However I do still watch Days Of Our Lives because a 40 year habit is hard to break. My reality Tv schedule begins on […]

Survivor:Matt’s Testimony About God Has An Impact

Survivor was not quite so interesting tonight as last week. Phillip found his swim trunks thanks to a vision he received from his grandfather. (eyes rolling back in head) On Redemption Island Matt seems to be having a hard time and begins to cry as he prays. He says he’ll stay if it’s God’s will […]