A Letter From My Mama… by Julie Moore

I share this with you because I know many of you can relate. I share this as a tribute to my mother. I share this to allow you to see me as I am. I found a letter stuffed in the back of a drawer yesterday. It was the letter my mama wrote to me […]

A Letter From A Mother To Her Daughter

Some of you have read this letter from a mother to her daughter but its worth reading again. I wish I had of had this kind of patience with my own mother. Cherish the times you have with yours because you never know when time is up.     Letter from a Mother to a […]

This Mother’s Day Will Be Different

  Mother’s Day is hard day for some of us for one reason or another. It’s weird to try and celebrate without your mother. The first two years after my mom died I didn’t go to church or celebrate although my kids did their best to make it good. As time went by it got […]

Is Mother’s Day A Happy Day For You?

I’m feeling a little melancholy and have been for a few days. My family keeps asking what’s bothering me but I just can’t put my finger on it. However Hound said,” I think it has something to do with Mother’s Day coming up. You always get kinda sad then.” I guess subconsciously my mind goes […]

She Is Every Woman

She’s the one in the waiting room, the one who makes the bed, the one who on the inside feels empty and dead. She is every woman. She’s a mom waiting in the carpool line, the one who is never on time, to her life’s just an uphill climb. She is every woman. She’s making […]