Survivor:Matt’s Testimony About God Has An Impact

Survivor was not quite so interesting tonight as last week. Phillip found his swim trunks thanks to a vision he received from his grandfather. (eyes rolling back in head) On Redemption Island Matt seems to be having a hard time and begins to cry as he prays. He says he’ll stay if it’s God’s will […]

Survivor Redemption: Not Again! Poor Matt!

Matt won 6 challenges while on Redemption Island and got the chance to come back to camp. Boston Rob got a little “paranoid” when he saw Matt, Andrea and Mike were reading the Bible together. He said he didn’t have anything against God, just a group forming for whatever reason. I think he just doesn’t […]

Survivor, Redemption Island: Nice Guys Do Finish Last

It’s not always true that nice guys finish last but on last night’s Survivor it certainly happened that way. Matt Elrod, a player who according to his profile intended to play with integrity, got blindsided by his fellow teammates. The Ometepe team led by Boston Rob lost two challenges in a row and after the […]