When God Says “What If…”

I’m reading a book now called TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch. Chapter 2 discusses The Room of Good Intentions and The Room of Grace. In the Room of Good Intentions there is a lot of striving and working to please God and others. Believers are trying to be what they are not, and […]

From Such a Hell to Such a Time

I spoke with an 89 year old man this week. His life has been inspiring to others and quite an experience for him. He and his wife have been married 67 years and have lived through decades of difficult times as well as times of joy. The story that has stuck in my mind is […]

10 Modern Conveniences I Love!

10 Modern Conveniences I Love! 1. My coffee pot. Coffee is essential to get me going in the morning. 2. My blow dryer. If not for this one my hair would be flat and stuck to my head. Yuck! 3. My television. What would I do without American Idol, Bones, House, Fringe, Off the Map, […]

My Ex-Life

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? One day I looked in the mirror and saw a young mother of two, and then before I could count the gray hairs, the kids were grown and I had to squint to see myself in the mirror.  As I move through the different phases of my life, […]

I Will Stumble, I Will Fall Down, But I Will Not Be Moved

She Is Every Woman

She’s the one in the waiting room, the one who makes the bed, the one who on the inside feels empty and dead. She is every woman. She’s a mom waiting in the carpool line, the one who is never on time, to her life’s just an uphill climb. She is every woman. She’s making […]