The Truth About The Holy Spirit- Stuff You Might Not Know

One of my most popular posts is Does The Holy Spirit Convict Of Sin Or Not? Not too many comment on it but it is read ALOT. Although readers are not talking to me about it I often wonder what they (you) really think about it. I mean after all it’s not a teaching we hear from the pulpit too […]

Email In Response To Heather’s Post “Fear and Relationships

 I received this email from a precious friend of mine after she read Heather’s post last week. “Fear and Relationships”. I asked her if I could share it with you because it is so full of passion for God. LaMonica’s heart is tender to God and I thought WOW! wouldn’t be amazing if I was seeking […]

Winds of Sorrow

I want to welcome my friend Holly Watson once again. She is a godly woman with so much grace and love for others. My heart broke when I read this post because she brought me to the point of understanding God’s heart. Please read, enjoy but most of all seek Him today. Visit Holly at […]

Jesus Is Not Merely Your Priority

Jesus is…. He is to me so much. He is to the world more than they know. He is everything we need in the here and now and forever. I’m excited about my new series Jesus Is because I get to explore more of the depth of who our Savior was back in the day, […]

Day 18 Taking Off Masks: It’s Ok To Ask Why

Welcome my friend Tammy Durrence. She has a testimony that will knock your socks off. And she gives God the glory  for everything. I love her honesty about her feeling as she went through the hardest time of her life. Leave some comment love for Tammy at the end of this post.   I went […]

September 11th Did Anything Good Come After?

    September 11, 2001 brought terror, fear, hate, death and grief. But somehow through all the devastation unity, love, life, loyalty and faith prevailed. How could so much good come from such a horrible disaster? It could only be God. Christians along with other Americans from all over our country pulled together to help the […]