Momma Memories

I just read a wonderful post by a new bloggy friend at Coming East called Crossing the Bar. It so touched my heart and brought chill bumps to my arms. Today is her sister’s birthday and she wrote a beautiful tribute to Karen. This brought back memories of my precious mother. Oh how I miss […]

Are You Afraid Of Heaven?

I’m in California this week and loving every minute. Except for those minutes I miss being at home. The old saying is true, “there’s no place like home.” Today I’m reposting one of my favorite’s about heaven. Hope you’ll look forward to going “home” too after reading it. I used to be afraid of going […]

Is There A Stairway To Heaven?

I was thinking about the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin yesterday. So I pulled up the words on Google and read back over them, they really didn’t make much sense to me except when he said, “and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.” It makes me think of the times in my life […]

This Is How I See Heaven

I’m not so afraid of going to heaven now as I used to be. In fact I kind of look forward to going because some of the people I love most are there. It has changed my perspective of heaven, from a far away foreign place to a sweet home place. My grandparents, mother-in-law, daddy, […]