Only In His Mind

The prompt for The Red Dress Club today is to post your favorite Red Writing Hood. But my favorite is a RememRed and I hope you’ll read it anyway. I am over at the Christian Women’s Online Network today. They have so graciously published a post i wrote a few weeks ago When the Enemy Tries To Destroy Self […]

Momma Memories

I just read a wonderful post by a new bloggy friend at Coming East called Crossing the Bar. It so touched my heart and brought chill bumps to my arms. Today is her sister’s birthday and she wrote a beautiful tribute to Karen. This brought back memories of my precious mother. Oh how I miss […]

Is It Okay To Question God?

If God were sitting right beside you now, on the couch, the bed, in a chair or in the kitchen on a bar stool watching you cook, what would you talk to Him about? Would you ask Him questions about world peace and if or when it will come? How about the Japan earthquake and […]

What Not To Say To The Grieving Person

I got a call from a friend today. Her dad passed away. I could hear great sadness in her voice although she said she was doing ok. She told me she was trying to comfort herself by thinking about his long, healthy life (he was 87 years old)before the cancer struck, and that he was […]