2 Minute Devo:Me and Depression

The day I threw one of my husband’s prized golf clubs across the living room I knew there was a real problem. Common sense told me that was a bad idea. However my hand reached over, pulled it out of the golf bag and threw it! Not at him per say but in his direction. […]

Depression: The Secret Suffering

This is my weekend link up for The Red Dress Club. It’s one of my favorites about depression. Statistics show 1 in 8 women develop depression sometime in life for various reasons like stress, life experiences, hormones, and believe it or not there are women who actually have a real chemical imbalance because they have […]

The Courage To Be

A young man slipped ever so quietly into the professor’s classroom and sat down in the back row. Jeff’s blonde hair was unclean from days of not being washed. His once bright red t-shirt was now faded to almost pink and his jeans were stained with days of grunge. The odor from his body was […]