Come On Over

Join me today over at Christian Women Online Network  My article is on the front page and gives you a peek into my Christian life. Some of its not so pretty but God has redeemed me through His Son Jesus Christ. Hope you’ll go on over and support me by reading and “liking” the […]

Captured by Love

Today’s 2 minute devo is the featured article Captured over at Christian Women’s Online Network. It will actually take closer to 4 minutes to read. Sorry. But you probably won’t regret it. When I began to write I wasn’t really sure what was going to come out of it. But as I wrote it poured onto the page. I will never […]

About Me

Join me over at Christian Women’s Online Network today to read my article which is featured as one of 4 commemorating 9/11. I love it over there and glad I do because they have asked me to be a Staff Writer for them. Of course I accepted with pleasure and I’m excited to be a part of this […]