Say It Now Before It’s Too Late

Today I post this in remembrance of my daddy. He would have been 72 years old today. I hurt today as I think about all he has missed but I am thankful as I remember my life as his daughter. Happy Birthday Daddy!     He was tall, dark and handsome and I thought he […]

Say Now What Might Not Get Said Later

Here is the prompt we were given from The Red Dress Club  RemembRed memoir. This week we would like you to write about how the show of affection has played a part in your memory. Choose a time when either the abundance or lack of affection (either by you or someone else) stands out, and […]

Georgia On My Mind

This post was happily written from a prompt given to us by The Red Dress Club. We were asked to mine for memories and write about games we played when we were younger. Here goes. The 70’s was a good time to grow up in our quaint little Georgia town. The word neighbor meant friend and […]