A Call To Rest After California

After a wonderful tiring vacation last week I just took this week to recoup and get well. I came come with a horrible cold/ear pain. My ears wouldn’t pop while on the plane and stayed stopped up for two days. Oh did I mention the plane trip home took 12 hours mainly because we spent almost […]

Hugs From Him (one minute devotional)

There are some days when you just know God totally loves you. Yesterday was one of those days. While driving earlier that morning I prayed and asked Him to give me a special revelation of His great love for me. Being the faithful, lover of my heart that He is, The Almighty Powerful Creator reached out and  hugged me through the women […]

In The Eye Of The Beholder Part 2

                Just a little bit of my view from where I was standing. It blows my mind at how after seeing something as beautiful, vast and amazing as these mountains someone could question if God exist. Really?

I’m In California

I’m in California visiting my sister-in-law and her husband. I’ve been here since about 12:30 pm and already have had a great time. First thing off the plane we went to a Cajun festival in Simi Valley where we met up with some of their friends. The festival was filled with music, food and booths with lots […]