Catch Up With JulieMoore On Life

Well I slipped over here to check on this blog and found there’s lots of activity going on here. Wow I’m surprised since I haven’t posted in months! I’m posting over at GraceFull Women. Hoping all those checking in here will mosey on over to GraceFull Women and see what you think. Some good news […]

No Resolutions Here, Just Some “Want To’s”

January 1, 2012 As I write that date it seems like it just can’t be! Where has the year gone? I have thought about this New Year and wondering what resolutions I will set. Haven’t thought of any yet. But there are some things I’m considering: 1-     I want to open up this blog to […]

My Top 10 Irritations: Well for Today Anyway

In No Certain Order 1-Empty Milk Carton put back in the refrigerator. I want some cereal, get the bowl out, put the cereal in it, even get the spoon out then when I reach for the milk the carton it is empty. My response: I search the house for the culprit and for the hundredth […]

A Blogging Award for Me? Thanks! I’m Passing It On…

Ok so good news for me. I was awarded a Versatile Blogger Award by my blogger friend and sister in Christ, Debbi Robertson at Check out Debbi’s blog. She also a fantastic photographer. The award is proudly displayed on the sidebar on the right. Since accepting I am supposed to tell you 7 things […]

I Need Your Ideas!

I write another blog and yesterday I asked the question “What kind of blogs do you most like to read?” I got very little response. This is not a poll it is just a friend asking another friend for some help making a decision. I’ve been blogging long enough without a consistent subject so I […]