I Predict American Idol Winner

I’m just gonna say I TOLD YOU SO! Back in one of the very first blog post I wrote about American Idol this year I predicted Lauren Alaina would win this season. See for yourself here. From the first time she auditioned I agreed with Steven when he said he thought she was the American Idol. […]

American Idol Loses Quirky Paul

America said goodbye to Paul tonight on Idol. I have to give Paul props because his attitude about leaving was the best I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve watched Idol. He told the audience to join him in his last song and said,”Now don’t be sad.” Paul’s last performance of Maggie May was […]

American Idol Review April 13th-

This year on American Idol the talent is unbelievable! I have a hard time every week trying to figure out who will go home. No one should leave because they are all that good. They are “artists” as Randy calls them. Why is there so much awesomeness this year? The judges. The judges this year […]

American Idol is Missing Something

The return of American Idol 2011 left me hoping I was just waking from a bad dream, and when I opened my eyes Simon would be in occupancy of one of the judge’s seats. I realize he can be harsh at times but in the end I find myself agreeing with him 90% of the […]