My Week Of Relaxing, Renewing, and Romancing by Julie

“Father, Let this be the best vacation we have ever had. Let us make memories we’ll have for a lifetime.” This was my prayer the morning we packed up and left on the 6 hour drive to Myrtle Beach. After being on hiatus for a few days it’s a little difficult getting back into the swing of […]

Rest, Does It Equal Lazy?/ One Minute Devo by Julie

Today as I prayed the word “rest” came out as in “Father let me rest in You this day.” Some folks think when I say “rest in Jesus and let Him do the work” that I mean sit down and be lazy. Of course I would never suggest such a thing. Rest in this context […]

A Call To Rest After California

After a wonderful tiring vacation last week I just took this week to recoup and get well. I came come with a horrible cold/ear pain. My ears wouldn’t pop while on the plane and stayed stopped up for two days. Oh did I mention the plane trip home took 12 hours mainly because we spent almost […]

My Boat Story Part 2 by Joni Hyde

This is the second part of Joni Hyde’s Boat Story. Everyone so enjoyed the first part so settled back for a few minutes and read about the lesson God taught her and the awesome illustration He used to do it. Late in the summer, our family was going to go on a much needed vacation […]

Still Life Standouts Photo Challenge: Charleston Church

I’m linking up with Courtney, Courtney and Branson for Still Life Standouts. To find out more about this challenge go to My Reflection of Something. Katie and I went to Charleston North Carolina back in July. We saw lots of churches. I love, love, love churches and steeples. Church in Charleston North Carolina Related articles […]

Women and Bears

My trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge with my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law was a blast. A hilarious blast! While Control Freak drove us home, I sat in the front holding on to the seat. We rounded the mountains right on the edge and I feared Bug Hater would grab Control Freak’s hair pulling it out […]

My Trip With Mostly Crazy Women

I took a short trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains this week and came back with some good mountain shots and some stories about crazy women. I’m really amazed I was able to get these shots because Big Mama and Control Freak were arguing over whether we were going to follow Lucy the GPS or Big Mama’s mapquest print […]

Photo Edit Challenge My Reflection of Something

This is another edit me challenge from My Reflection of Something. My editing process was simple. I used Windows Photo Gallery and tried different things and came up with this. Then I used paint and added the Scripture verse. This photo was so gorgeous before it was hard to come up with anything but I […]

Safari In Georgia? See for Yourself

Hubs and I went on a short anniversary trip to Callaway Gardens this past weekend. While away we stopped of at a safari here in Georgia. Yes I know it sounds lame and we thought it might be a dud too. But we’re getting old and wild animals sticking their heads in our car sounded like […]

How To Make Memories With A Grown Up Daughter

My daughter took me on a 4 day vacation to Charleston South Carolina last week. I believe it was the best time we have ever had together as mother and daughter. This trip was my birthday present from her and I got to choose the place I wanted to go. So since I’ve become intrigued […]