Devotional: You Love Me Anyway

I heard this song again today on the radio. All of it is great but these words written below broke my heart. After it was over I began to think about the thorn I had placed in His crown, the nail I had put in His wrist. And my Father just gave some much needed reassurance, a […]

Does the Sun Rise So I’ll Remember the Son Rose?

I wonder if the sun rises to remind us of the Son rising. I know the sunrise began thousands of years before the Son rose but maybe God had it planned that way knowing we would need a daily reminder of the sacrifice His Son made for the world. Not that we think of Jesus when we see […]

A Message Worth Celebrating Everyday

Sunday at our church a sermon was preached. It was one of those sermons that you sit and listen to and you love it but at the same time feel sad because your loved ones aren’t there to hear it. Been there? The sermon was about the precious cross of Christ. The pastor led us through […]