Thankful His Faithfulness Does Not Depend On Me

This week I will face a challenge different from any I’ve ever faced. I’m so thankful that God is my strength in every way. He gives enough grace for each day. He gives enough of everything for every situation. Some days I need more physical strength than others and He provides. Some days I need mental and emotional […]

Surgery and Recovery: Things I’ve Learned

What have I learned through my recent experience with surgery and recovery? 1- That God never leaves even while in a casket like MRI machine. 2- He makes Himself known through tough times too. 3- God heals and gives unbelievable peace. 4- Some neurosurgeons are pretty much done with you after surgery. 5- God gives hugs through […]

Inadequate Words (one minute devotional)

Father,  I just have to say You are Everything to me. You are the Answer to all my questions. You are the Words to my love song. You are the Beauty I see. You are the Bread I eat. You are Dad. You are Good. So few words seem inadequate but I am thankful You […]