My Love Story In A Nutshell

1981  In the year 1979 a young 15-year-old girl went on a blind double date with a good looking, long-haired, popular guy from school. She really didn’t know how to act as this was her first date. They went to a drive-in movie where they saw Meatballs starring Bill Murray. After this date the two […]

My Independence Day

    Today, July 4, 2012, we celebrate our great country and independence and freedom. What a tremendous opportunity we have in the United States of America – to live totally free. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 marks when we were set free as a nation – independent  from the Kingdom of […]

Share Your Pain To Help Others.(Testimony by Pam Lopez)

I’m so glad to be back from vacation. I missed you. But I come back with a testimony sent to me from a dear friend. She has endured so much pain and suffering at the hands of others but God is healing her and using her to help other women who have been through similar […]

She Wanted Him Dead

Today I am publishing a testimony by Betty (not her real name). She prefers to remain anonymous because of the subject content and maybe she thinks if people knew who she was there might be a little bit of judgement or shock. The content is very sensitive and is not for children. Our God is powerful and […]

When Bad Things Happen To Young Girls by Anonymous

When I began asking women to give their testimonies I had no idea where God would take it. Today’s testimony is raw, real, with some tough words and hard content. Read it with the knowledge that this world belongs to the enemy and horrible things happen to good people. But remember too that our great God […]

God’s Grace In My Great Loss by Kristina Haury: Part 2

When I read the second part to Kristina’s story and look at this precious picture tears fill my eyes as I am reminded of how great, graceful, precious our God really is to us. But it also thrills my soul to no end at the love He has for us, a love that  knows no […]

God’s Grace In My Great Loss by Kristina Haury

Today I hope you will welcome with open arms my beautiful friend Kristina Haury. I say beautiful because she is, inside and out. God has shown His amazing grace in and through her life and she shares about it boldly and brightly. I can’t wait for you to read about this part of her story. […]

I’m Posting At Christian Women Online Today. Check it out…

Leave It All Behind “Leave it all behind. Leave it all behind.” I’m listening to these words from Casting Crowns latest song The Well. Singing in my best Mark Hall imitation voice, I revel in Jesus willingness to take all my burdens on Himself while replacing them with His love and strength. Yet… I know […]

My Boat Story by Joni Hyde

Welcome my friend Joni Hyde today. She is a precious woman of God sharing her heart with women in the church and community. Today she shares the story of how God called her to teaching a lifegroup at our church earlier this year. Joni illustrates that if we are listening God is always speaking to […]

Is it Cold Feet or God Saying No?

My friend Darlene Minshew has written posts for us before but this is one of her best and most personal. Her testimony about her first marriage teaches us a lesson I believe we all need to think about. Let’s welcome Darlene with open arms and thank her for being willing to share so openly.   […]