Can We Really Be Wonder Women?

This is a post I wrote over a year ago but I think it bears printing again. Enjoy. Wonder Woman! I remember watching her as a child and I always wanted a pair of those bracelets she wore. With those bracelets she could defeat any bad guy that came up against her. Wonder Woman was […]

Your Prince has Come

My Prince Has Come   She laughs with him, they dance . They twirl and her gown flows wide. The glass slippers are elegant and perfect. The ballroom is crowded but they are alone. He sees her deeply. She longs to see him that way too.  She wonders if this is real or a dream. […]

I’m Posting At Christian Women Online Today. Check it out…

Leave It All Behind “Leave it all behind. Leave it all behind.” I’m listening to these words from Casting Crowns latest song The Well. Singing in my best Mark Hall imitation voice, I revel in Jesus willingness to take all my burdens on Himself while replacing them with His love and strength. Yet… I know […]

My Space Giver Gets Rid Of Clutter

I am an admitted pack rat. My closets were full from top to bottom with stuff and more stuff. Boxes of days gone by, thirty two pairs of shoes, clothes that didn’t fit, clothes that weren’t mine, DVD’s and a pair of boxing gloves. It had to be cleaned out so I went to work. […]

Deodorant and The Holy Spirit

Have you seen the commercial about Degree deodorant with motion sense from Wal-mart? The push to buy it is “the more you move the more it works”. Then the scene goes to a man telling his wife they should try it. Next we see the couple dancing at a party, her arms raised as she dances and […]

About Me

Join me over at Christian Women’s Online Network today to read my article which is featured as one of 4 commemorating 9/11. I love it over there and glad I do because they have asked me to be a Staff Writer for them. Of course I accepted with pleasure and I’m excited to be a part of this […]

Expectations by Tammy Durrence

Today is Thankful Tuesday here at Grace full Women. Join me in welcoming my friend and ministry partner Tammy. Her testimony is powerful and gives witness to God’s faithfulness to His child. I’m thankful to have my sweet friend here and I hope and pray you will be blessed by her testimony. When I was a […]

Be Set Free From Your Prison

She paced the floor of the small space of the prison cell. Back and forth, wringing her hands, her heart felt as though it would come right out of her chest. It seemed more like a dream than reality. Would they really set her free today? Lina had been incarcerated for two years on drug […]

Christian Women’s Online Net. Publishes My Article Today!

Hey I am posting over at Christian Women Online Network today! My article is What Do Women Want? and it’s on the front page! I am so excited to be given this opportunity. I hope you’ll show me some love and pop over and leave comment too, you know how I love ’em! Yes I am using a […]

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

A question has arisen several times lately so I have decided it’s time to discuss it. Question: Can I lose my salvation? Answer:A true believer, meaning someone who is one with Christ, who has accepted Christ as Savior in faith,  can not lose salvation. Establishing that one is a true believer is important to understand […]