Your Prince has Come

My Prince Has Come   She laughs with him, they dance . They twirl and her gown flows wide. The glass slippers are elegant and perfect. The ballroom is crowded but they are alone. He sees her deeply. She longs to see him that way too.  She wonders if this is real or a dream. […]

My Boat Story Part 2 by Joni Hyde

This is the second part of Joni Hyde’s Boat Story. Everyone so enjoyed the first part so settled back for a few minutes and read about the lesson God taught her and the awesome illustration He used to do it. Late in the summer, our family was going to go on a much needed vacation […]

My Rescue Story By Jennifer Hembree

God reached down from heaven & chose me to be His daughter when I was 5 years old. Yes, that seems so young. Yet, I remember it as if it were yesterday. My Sunday school teacher & I knelt down at a chair at my church, & I prayed to accept Christ in my heart. Sunshine […]

Older, Old, New- Short Study of Covenant

Unfortunately we are the end of our study about the Old and New Covenants with Dee Gredler. I believe this one is the best because the New Covenant is the BEST. I can’t wait for you to dive in. Dee and I pray God through His Holy Spirit gives you a fresh new perspective about His great […]

Does God Expect Me To Be Perfect?

Grace comes in many shapes, sizes,colors, times, places, and people. God’s grace fills the room with compassion for the one nobody else will talk to. His grace walks through the door straight over to the woman who feels judged by other women in the church. His grace will never shun the one everybody turns away […]

Go Tell It Down The Mountain

From my trip to California. Taken from up on a mountain. So who takes Jesus to them? I didn’t. When I look at all these homes and businesses I wonder who lives there. The land is so dry, what if it caught fire again? What would happen if some died? Where would they end up […]

Can I Lose My Salvation?

A question has arisen several times lately so I have decided it’s time to discuss it. Question: Can I lose my salvation? Answer: A true believer, meaning someone who is one with Christ, can not lose salvation. Establishing that one is a true believer is important to understand because if not then of course loss of […]

Need a Daily Devo.? He Sees The Real You and Me

He Sees The Real Me and You El Roi “The God Who Sees Me”. That’s the name Hagar gave God. She was banished to the wilderness by Sarai for being obedient to have a baby with Abram and this is the thanks she got. She and her baby were made to leave their home. As they sat alone near […]

GFW Devo. Wed:I Never Want To Be Satisfied

  My English Bulldog Lola thinks about three things all day and night, when she’s not sleeping, food, food, and food. It seems she can never be satisfied. Her belly cannot be filled. No matter what I am eating she will eat it too. I know I am bad for giving her table food but […]

GFW May19: Identity Theft, Is The Enemy Stealing From You?

Do you get your identity from others? It’s a thoughtful question isn’t it? Think about it. When someone says something critical, such as you can’t succeed at that, you are such a loser, you’ll never make anything of yourself, or you don’t deserve that promotion, when a lie comes out of another’s mouth about you […]