What’s This Georgia Girl Want For Christmas?

  What does a sweet Georgia gal want for Christmas? This one wants her car detailed and filled up with gas. I get too cold standing out there doing it myself. This gal would like to have dinner cooked for her once a week for 6 months, I need to be giving these hands a break and soaking […]

Grace Beyond Measure by Nicole Querido

I’m so happy today to introduce my friend and kindred spirit Nicole Querido. She is a writer and teacher who seeks to live a life of surrender to God, whose redeeming power and love has transformed her life. In coming to know Christ in her thirties, Nicole’s life story became a testimony of His amazing […]

God’s Girls by Darlene Minshew

I want to warmly welcome my sweet friend Darlene today. She has a heart for hurting women and takes action to help in the community and church. Darlene is active in our county’s women’s prison ministry, women’s shelter and food pantry. She gives hands and feet to Jesus’ love. Welcome her today here at Grace […]

Older, Old, New- Short Study of Covenant

Unfortunately we are the end of our study about the Old and New Covenants with Dee Gredler. I believe this one is the best because the New Covenant is the BEST. I can’t wait for you to dive in. Dee and I pray God through His Holy Spirit gives you a fresh new perspective about His great […]

Go Tell It Down The Mountain

From my trip to California. Taken from up on a mountain. So who takes Jesus to them? I didn’t. When I look at all these homes and businesses I wonder who lives there. The land is so dry, what if it caught fire again? What would happen if some died? Where would they end up […]

Can I Lose My Salvation?

A question has arisen several times lately so I have decided it’s time to discuss it. Question: Can I lose my salvation? Answer: A true believer, meaning someone who is one with Christ, can not lose salvation. Establishing that one is a true believer is important to understand because if not then of course loss of […]