Christmas With A Little Grief

Grief and the Christmas season sometimes go hand in hand. Real grief plays itself in every day life just like we see in this story written for a Story Dam prompt. Alma sat at the large wooden antique dining table staring at her hands. They were dry, cracked and showing some wrinkles. The gray in her muddy […]

Alice In A New Land Part 2- Mother

The heavy patchwork quilt made of soft cotton lay against Grace’s numb body. The colors of bright red, navy blue, evergreen, vibrant yellow, and burnt orange that once stood out to her now seemed drab, dull and colorless. This covering that once brought comfort gave nothing now. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the plate […]


I’m linking up with Write On Edge. Do your best to elicit or express fear with 160 characters or less.   Thick deep darkness. Fire burning but doesn’t consume. Lips parched and bleeding. Thirst unquenchable. Piercing screams from beyond. Help. Me!!  

31 Days of Taking Off The Masks: Day 8 People Pleaser

I’m trying something new. 31 days of posting ina row. I’m linking up with other 31 Dayers who are posting about many various others topics. I discovered this link up today when I read Emily’s post over at Chatting the Sky. My 31 days will be entitled 31 Days of Taking Off The Masks. Kind of […]

Wordless Wednesday. Do You Really Think I Could Use No Words?!

I’m linking up with Wordless Wednesday for the first time. It will be a challenge to use no words and I am failing at this very moment. However I will still post my pics and hope I don’t get kicked out of the link up.   My front yard does not look too great in […]

30 Days of Shamelessness Day 2: Act a Fool

Again I’ve posted this on my new blog Pics, Prayers and Pompoms. Go ahead and just click the link and check it out. It’s just one little click. The Fox and I did our own photo shoot. It’s quite unusual but lots of fun. Related articles 30 Days of Shamelessness: Number 1 (

Photo Edit Challenge My Reflection of Something

This is another edit me challenge from My Reflection of Something. My editing process was simple. I used Windows Photo Gallery and tried different things and came up with this. Then I used paint and added the Scripture verse. This photo was so gorgeous before it was hard to come up with anything but I […]

Normal Is A Good Thing

I’m over at Christian Women’s Online Network today. How about popping over there and checking out my post? I’ll love ya forever. If you like it please let me know by clicking the “like button” and/or leave a comment and we’ll talk about the post. I believe you’ll want to once you read it. Today’s post […]

She Remains

I didn’t know what to expect that first time I walked in her home. As I walked through her purposefully decorated living room to the kitchen I felt a little uncomfortable. My home was usually in disarray because I was raising small children and my housekeeping skills had not been perfected. So I was a […]

Lina’s Prison

Go back in the archives and pick a fiction or nonfiction piece. Perhaps something you posted on your blog, or an old Red Dress Club prompt? Find something that you’re proud of, but something you haven’t read for awhile. Do a complete overhaul. This is a rewrite of The Prison Cell From Hell. The prison […]