Sharing some of my photography with you tonight. Although everyone may not appreciate these pics I know some you will enjoy them.  

Use Me Even Though I Am Worn Out. (one minute devotion)

I love the intricacies of this church in Charleston. The steeple appears aged and worn but still the beauty of it draws me. This place gives me a feeling of solace and peace. I imagine within its walls many people have found the answers to questions they have long been seeking.  Character and purpose seep through the flaking paint and sun […]

Valentine’s Day Babies, Array of Dogs

Valentine’s Day is almost here so I thought I would share some pics I took of my Valentine babies.  Yes here they are, my array of dogs in all various sizes, shapes and kinds. Georgia is the Pomeranian, she’s just had her hair done Friday. Lola, the English Bulldog, is a real bully and the […]

Has Your Ship Sailed?

It crossed my mind as my son and I talked about his college education…. how can I expect him to know what he wants to do with the rest of his life NOW when I have just found what I want to do with mine at the age of 47? Strange how our expectations of […]

New Photography Technique. What Do You Think?

Ok tell me what you think of some new techniques I’m learning in photography.   This is a church we passed by while on the tour bus through Charleston. I chose this part to highlight because I loved the shape of the architecture of the windows and door. I added texture and did some other editing in Picasa […]

Wordless Wednesday. Do You Really Think I Could Use No Words?!

I’m linking up with Wordless Wednesday for the first time. It will be a challenge to use no words and I am failing at this very moment. However I will still post my pics and hope I don’t get kicked out of the link up.   My front yard does not look too great in […]

Still Life Standouts Photo Challenge: Charleston Church

I’m linking up with Courtney, Courtney and Branson for Still Life Standouts. To find out more about this challenge go to My Reflection of Something. Katie and I went to Charleston North Carolina back in July. We saw lots of churches. I love, love, love churches and steeples. Church in Charleston North Carolina Related articles […]

Trying Picasa 3 To Edit Photos. What Do You Think?

I wanted to share some of my latest photo edits. I did these in Picasa 3. I was playing around with the different options and came up with a variety of looks for my pics. These are old structures around my town in Georgia. I would love to hear what you think.   My Photos […]

30 Days of Shamelessness Day 2: Act a Fool

Again I’ve posted this on my new blog Pics, Prayers and Pompoms. Go ahead and just click the link and check it out. It’s just one little click. The Fox and I did our own photo shoot. It’s quite unusual but lots of fun. Related articles 30 Days of Shamelessness: Number 1 (


  Well I finally did it. I’m moving from Julie Moore On Life to Pics, Prayers and Pompoms my new blog. After all these months I’ve tried to find myself in this bloggy world and I do believe this is it. It is a fresh new start where I’ll post blogs with photos I took […]