The Reason I Am Failing To Be Obedient Is….

Have you ever felt God telling you to do something and you just didn’t take the time to do it? That’s where I am now. My life is so congested with distractions I keep putting off doing the thing He wants me to do. I’ve had this book for about two years and have yet […]

My Boat Story by Joni Hyde

Welcome my friend Joni Hyde today. She is a precious woman of God sharing her heart with women in the church and community. Today she shares the story of how God called her to teaching a lifegroup at our church earlier this year. Joni illustrates that if we are listening God is always speaking to […]

Nasty Note Nailed to Church In Cumming Georgia

I don’t know why I was surprised when I read this article about someone nailing a nasty note to a church door in Cumming. I believe some in our country have forgotten or never learned how to show grace to each other and this incidence is just more evidence of that fact. Apparently the pastor of […]

Older, Old and New- Part 2

Last week my friend and mentor of many years Dee Gredler wrote the first of 3 post about the difference in Old and New Covenants. I’m excited to have her back today with another Monday Moment. Join Dee in Bible study this morning and dig for more treasure from God’s Word. Last time we saw that […]

Go Tell It Down The Mountain

From my trip to California. Taken from up on a mountain. So who takes Jesus to them? I didn’t. When I look at all these homes and businesses I wonder who lives there. The land is so dry, what if it caught fire again? What would happen if some died? Where would they end up […]

Devotional Wed./ I Don’t Want To Hurt God Anymore

  I taught a class today and we discussed how and why to make right choices. I asked the question, “What helps us make the right choice?” Various answers were given such as prayer, Bible study, knowing God’s Word, and relying on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Then one of the women spoke in a […]

GraceFull Women Fri. Devo: Guest Post by Amy Rouse

Welcome my special guest poster today Amy Rouse. She has two blogs American Christian, which gives a great perspective on the Christian culture here and often makes me examine my heart. Collect Yourself is her personal blog about her life and informative topics, many of which speak to women, so you’ll want to check it […]