Chick-fil-a Boycotted? Are You Kidding Me?

I received a forward email today telling me I should eat at Chick-fil-a this week. Duh. I do every week. I love the place. Then it went on with an article that described a boycott going on by progressive activists against Chick-fil-a. According to the articles I read this afternoon this was back in January. However, I […]

Survivor:Matt’s Testimony About God Has An Impact

Survivor was not quite so interesting tonight as last week. Phillip found his swim trunks thanks to a vision he received from his grandfather. (eyes rolling back in head) On Redemption Island Matt seems to be having a hard time and begins to cry as he prays. He says he’ll stay if it’s God’s will […]

God’s Wrath On Japan

Did God take His wrath out on Japan using an earthquake and a tsunami? If so what was the reason? Some say it’s because Japan is mainly a godless nation with 84% to 96% believing in Shintoism, which is described as being a way of living in harmony rather than a religion, and Buddism which […]

Survivor, Redemption Island: Nice Guys Do Finish Last

It’s not always true that nice guys finish last but on last night’s Survivor it certainly happened that way. Matt Elrod, a player who according to his profile intended to play with integrity, got blindsided by his fellow teammates. The Ometepe team led by Boston Rob lost two challenges in a row and after the […]

No One Noticed Her Dead In Her Cubicle Until The Next Day

Last Friday in Los Angeles County a 51 year old woman died in her cubicle. She was not found until sometime Saturday. The coroner is not sure yet why she died but she was found with her head on her desk. I find it sad that no one noticed she was missing. Not one of […]

Baby Boomer Women Over 40 & 50 are Not Seniors: Don’t Call Boomer Chicks Older Women or Old Ladies

Baby Boomer Women Over 40 & 50 are Not Seniors: Don’t Call Boomer Chicks Older Women or Old Ladies