Why Are You Jealous? by Heather Tyson

Yeah ya’ll Heather got married! And she’s back with a word that hits where it hurts. But opens our eyes to the truth.   Have you ever been jealous of someone else? Ever sat and wondered why someone else is so much more blessed than you?  Felt sorry for yourself or like you can’t do […]

Real Life, Attitudes, And Jesus by Heather Bryant Freeman

  The past week has been a tough one for me. I’m going to be honest, I’ve just plain struggled – with everything. Struggled with stress, with work, with being nice to my friends, with respecting and loving my soon to be husband, with being pleasant with my kids, with desiring to teach my women’s group, with […]

Miracle of Mercy My McKenna…. by Heather Freeman Bryant

Mercy seems like such a simple word. It goes with Grace, right? Grace and Mercy! Well, I didn’t always really understand what that meant. I mean, I get the definitions. Traditionally, Grace is getting something that we do not deserve (for example, blessings). Mercy is not getting something negative that we do deserve (for example, […]

Spiritual Perfection: Can It Be Acheived?

The mask of perfection is so hard to wear because it is one of the fakier masks. Why is it hard? Because no one is perfect and keeping up this pretense takes so much work. I’ve always known I’m not perfect in the homemaking department, wifing (is that a word), mothering, or working departments either. But […]

I Fell Down The Stairway To Heaven

I was thinking about the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin yesterday. So I pulled up the words on Google and read back over them. They really didn’t make much sense to me except when he sang, “and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.” It makes me think of the times in my life that […]

Idols, Altars, and Writer’s Block

Welcome my new friend Christie Lambert. She and I are staff writer’s together over at Christian Women Online Network. I so loved her writing that I asked if she would share with you today. You’ll love it too. So go get a cup of coffee, Diet Coke or a tall glass of water and enjoy […]

Is Grace Really Amazing?

Understanding God’s grace may take me a lifetime but I am sooo thankful He wants to reveal it to me more everyday. You see, grace was given to me at salvation. God didn’t give me what I deserved which was death and hell but He gave me the gift of eternal life. And as awesome as that is […]

I Love The Broken Ones

These are the words to Dia Frampton’s new song to be release Dec. 5th. She was runner up on the last season of the hit show The Voice. I love the song and relate to it on many levels but mainly because I love the broken ones too. (sorry I couldn’t get the link to work but you […]

Grace Beyond Measure by Nicole Querido

I’m so happy today to introduce my friend and kindred spirit Nicole Querido. She is a writer and teacher who seeks to live a life of surrender to God, whose redeeming power and love has transformed her life. In coming to know Christ in her thirties, Nicole’s life story became a testimony of His amazing […]

What’s A Girl Worth?

The Past- Years Ago Life’s about making everyone happy right? I try but fail miserably. And do they let it slide like I do when they mess up? No way. They make a point to let me know just how bad I junked it up. I only hear the negative not the positive. The thing […]