Alice In A New Land Part 2- Mother

The heavy patchwork quilt made of soft cotton lay against Grace’s numb body. The colors of bright red, navy blue, evergreen, vibrant yellow, and burnt orange that once stood out to her now seemed drab, dull and colorless. This covering that once brought comfort gave nothing now. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the plate […]

Alice In A New Land

I’m linking up with my new writing community Story Dam. Here’s the prompt:  Dam Burst- Take a walk through the location of your choosing. Write your piece to include your character’s surroundings, only not through your adult eyes. Show us through the eyes of a child. Things are new, foreign, and curious. Put yourself in their […]

Normal Is A Good Thing

I’m over at Christian Women’s Online Network today. How about popping over there and checking out my post? I’ll love ya forever. If you like it please let me know by clicking the “like button” and/or leave a comment and we’ll talk about the post. I believe you’ll want to once you read it. Today’s post […]

Lina’s Prison

Go back in the archives and pick a fiction or nonfiction piece. Perhaps something you posted on your blog, or an old Red Dress Club prompt? Find something that you’re proud of, but something you haven’t read for awhile. Do a complete overhaul. This is a rewrite of The Prison Cell From Hell. The prison […]

The Secret’s At The Cemetery

This is the second part to a new storyline I began last week thanks to a prompt from The Red Dress Club You can enjoy the first part here. Today’s prompt was to write about a pair of shoes of yours or your character’s. Concrit is needed and welcome. Thanks.   Rachel reached for the bag […]

Is There Life Out There?

This is a prompt from The Red Dress Club. For this week, take what you know out of your comfort zone. Try a new genre, a new time period, a geography you’ve only dreamed of, fantasy or historical instead of contemporary fiction, try the male POV if you usually write women. Or vice versa. Switch […]

Some Sort Of Security

This is a prompt from the Red Dress Club. Write a flash fiction piece 300 words or less inspired by the word Life. This is part of Lina’s story before she went to prison. You can read more of Lina’s story at I Never Left Her, Prison Cell From Hell,  Normal Is A Good Thing Why did […]

Prison Cell From Hell

This week’s prompt from The Red Dress Club is all about character development. We’d like you to write about what your character wants most. Today I’m building on my character Lina. She was introduced in my last prompt I Never Left Her. The prison cell was frightening most the time. But right now in this […]

I Never Left Her

I wrote this as a prompt from The Red Dress Club. Write a short piece 600 words or less beginning with This was absolutely the last time and ending with She was wrong.     This was absolutely the last time I would pick her up. I tell myself this every time.  My stomach knotted […]