He’s Already There…

  My friend’s parents have both been diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis of her mother came first then that of her father and just weeks apart.  My heart breaks because I know the pain of hearing words such as “terminal”, “cancer”, and “chemo therapy”. I remember how scared and angry I felt. I talked to […]

2 Min. Devo: Regrets And Missed Memories by Julie

I fell behind on the 31 Days Of 2 Min. Devos. Surprised are you? Not if you know me. I procrastinate. Sad to say but true. I know I have things to do but I often wait to the last minute to do them. It’s hard to keep up with life’s demands sometimes isn’t it? […]

Surgery and Recovery: Things I’ve Learned

What have I learned through my recent experience with surgery and recovery? 1- That God never leaves even while in a casket like MRI machine. 2- He makes Himself known through tough times too. 3- God heals and gives unbelievable peace. 4- Some neurosurgeons are pretty much done with you after surgery. 5- God gives hugs through […]

My Merrin By Heather Tyson

Today is my sweet little girl Merrin’s birthday. She’s four as of today. And she acts every bit of 12. From talking about boys (already) to having a sassy little attitude that I would imagine rivals that of any 15 year old, she has the sweetest spirit and the greatest smile. As I reflect back […]

Friends, Forgiveness and God’s Amazing Grace

  I am so incredibly thankful for the people in my life. I can’t even put into words how humbled and amazed I am that God would bless me (first and foremost) with His love and His grace, but secondly with the love and grace of my family and friends. I haven’t always been the […]

A Tribute To My Dad- by Heather Freeman Bryant

We are all in the process of leaving a legacy here on earth. What kind of legacy are we building for our families? To all the dads reading, are you modeling the love of Christ in your homes? As we approach Father’s Day, my prayer is that fathers are making a huge impact for the […]

A Letter From My Mama… by Julie Moore

I share this with you because I know many of you can relate. I share this as a tribute to my mother. I share this to allow you to see me as I am. I found a letter stuffed in the back of a drawer yesterday. It was the letter my mama wrote to me […]

We All Need A Kindred Spirit Friend/ by Julie Moore

To receive more posts and devotionals directly to your email Subscribe to GraceFull Women or “like” our facebook page. I met a friend at one of the local coffee shops this morning. We sat and talked about everything under the sun for 3 ½ hours. She caught me up on her life circumstances and I did […]

A Letter From A Mother To Her Daughter

Some of you have read this letter from a mother to her daughter but its worth reading again. I wish I had of had this kind of patience with my own mother. Cherish the times you have with yours because you never know when time is up.     Letter from a Mother to a […]

This Mother’s Day Will Be Different

  Mother’s Day is hard day for some of us for one reason or another. It’s weird to try and celebrate without your mother. The first two years after my mom died I didn’t go to church or celebrate although my kids did their best to make it good. As time went by it got […]