Spiritual Perfection: Can It Be Acheived?

The mask of perfection is so hard to wear because it is one of the fakier masks. Why is it hard? Because no one is perfect and keeping up this pretense takes so much work. I’ve always known I’m not perfect in the homemaking department, wifing (is that a word), mothering, or working departments either. But […]

Day 20: Wearing the Mask of the Walking Dead: Shame

Shame is an ugly mask. It can turn a beautiful, strong woman into a frail, sad, fearful, head hanging one. I once read that shame goes beyond feeling guilty for WHAT you’ve done because it tears into your soul and condemns WHO you are. That’s why it last so long, goes so deep and is […]

Day 18 Taking Off Masks: It’s Ok To Ask Why

Welcome my friend Tammy Durrence. She has a testimony that will knock your socks off. And she gives God the glory  for everything. I love her honesty about her feeling as she went through the hardest time of her life. Leave some comment love for Tammy at the end of this post.   I went […]

Mask Day 15: Wonder Woman Syndrome

Wonder Woman! I remember watching her as a child and I always wanted a pair of those bracelets she wore. With those bracelets she could defeat any bad guy that came up against her. Wonder Woman was beautiful inside and out and could do it all with both hands tied behind her back. As I […]

31 Days Taking Off Masks: Day 14 “I’m Fine” Mask

“I’m fine”. I say this a lot even when it’s not true. I pretend everything is fine even when it really isn’t. This mask is worn by most every woman I know. We don’t want to burden others. Besides do they really want to know when they ask, “How are you?” Do I really mean it […]

31 Days of Taking Off Masks 10: Invisible Fear

    Fear is one of those masks we wear but we wear it invisibly. No one wants to admit to being afraid. Admitting fear means weakness. Right? No admitting fear means HUMAN. Everyone has fear but not everyone lives enslaved to it. Some of us have fears we’d never want anyone to know about […]

31 Days of Taking Off Masks: Day 9 Pretending to Forgive

I wear a mask pretending I’ve forgiven a certain person. It’s a great mask, all nice and pretty with a smile attached every time I see her. But when I see her I’m just not sure I’ve relinquished full forgiveness because I still really don’t want to be around her too much. (No it’s not […]

31 Days of Taking Off The Masks: Day 8 People Pleaser

I’m trying something new. 31 days of posting ina row. I’m linking up with other 31 Dayers who are posting about many various others topics. I discovered this link up today when I read Emily’s post over at Chatting the Sky. My 31 days will be entitled 31 Days of Taking Off The Masks. Kind of […]