Be The Squirrel

I caught this thieving squirrel in the act. As I sat on my front porch hoping to get a few good shots of birds eating from the feeder it aggravated me that this squirrel kept coming back for more.  Even after shewing him away he would sneak back over, climb the pole and take as much as he could before I got rid of him again.

Looking at this picture I was thinking about that squirrel  and how this might relate to us. Sometimes we find something we want and we continue to pursue it… until it gets too hard, too frustrating, or something better comes along. Persistence got this squirrel what he wanted. Even when frightened away he came back many times.

What is it you want more than anything? Are you consistent in pursuing it? Or do you give up when things get tough? God has set before you a dream. You know what that dream is don’t you? Go after it with everything you have. When you get frightened collect yourself and go again. Because this is a God-given dream it is more than worth it to climb the pole to the top. As a matter of fact He’s given you everything you need to make it to the top. As His child He has already enabled and equipped you to fulfill His dream for you. Listen carefully as God leads and guides each step of the way. Don’t quit now the best is yet to come. BE THE SQUIRREL!


  1. Oh, Julie, love this one! What a great analogy. Glad your delayed bird viewing gave way to squirrel reflection. 🙂


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