How God Speaks

God speaks. In those quiet moments through His word. In the voices of family and friends, pastors and teachers. In a song on the radio. In the clanging of the windchimes. In the brilliant sunlight on this beautiful autumn day. Through email, Facebook, e-books, blog posts, the telephone and snail mail. In the calamity and chaos which is life.

He doesn’t have to speak. He’s God.

Yet He chooses to reveal Himself to me in a million different ways. Every day.

He’s speaking to you too. Listen.


Oh I’d love it if you’d share how God is speaking to you. Tell us on Facebook or leave a comment below.



  1. He speaks to me first and foremost through his word, and then through so many ways; nature,family, love,. If I give him my attention he can speak at any time through anything.
    Praying for listening ears and an attentive heart.

  2. Lately, He keeps speaking to me through my kids’ devotional book! It makes me laugh, really, because all day long I’ll be puzzling over something and then my middle son will read the simple words and it’s like the message is meant directly for my heart…like God is saying, come to Me as a child. Stop making it difficult and trust Me! Sometimes He uses my kids in other ways..tonight, for instance, after we all had our ‘turns’ praying, my youngest said – “Okay, now it’s God’s turn!’ and I thought to myself – how many times do I forget to be quiet and listen for Him after I speak all of my words? And now this, another reminder to listen….thanks for sharing it and letting Him use you to speak to me tonight!

    • Oh thanks Christie for sharing how He speaks to you. He used to speak to me thru my kids so much when they were small too. I’d be in the midst of a problem and one of them would say something so profound… I love it that He loves us enough to speak.

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