2 Min. Devo: Captured by Julie

I’ve been captured by You. Thank God You caught me when You did. I was on my way down for the last time, but You swooped in and saved me from destruction. The enemy had me imprisoned, chained to the wall and You stormed the cell doors and broke those chains forever. I followed the evil one to hell and You rescued me for eternity. I was a victim; You are my victory. I was dirty; You made me pure and clean. I was a liar; You are my truth. I was held captive; You freed me to live. I was jealous; You are jealous for me. I was dead inside; You made me alive in Yourself. I was hungry; You fed me. I was parched dry; You gave me living water. I was a legalist; You gave me grace. I was bound to the world; You delivered me. I was stressed and worried; You gave me peace. I was grieved; You gave me joy. I was in darkness; You shined Your light. I was lost; You found me. I had no home; You gave me refuge and shelter. I was drowning; You gave me breath. I dug a grave; You called me out of it. I was empty and You filled me. I was unworthy; You gave me value.

There is no place Christ cannot and will not go with me. I can take myself to the depths of the earth, sink into a deep depression, turn to the world and ignore Him, but He will not fail me. He is always faithful. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I cannot take myself so far down that He cannot uncover me. I cannot push Him away; He will never leave nor forsake me. I cannot run so fast that He cannot catch up. I cannot hide behind any circumstance, wall, barrier, or sin that He will not find me. He is not surprised by anything I do, say, or think. He loves me despite everything He knows about me. He knew it all beforehand yet He still chose to die so I might live! I A-M H-I-S. I have been captured by the one and only God.



  1. I can relate to this to the point where it feels as if I were telling my own story. What a beautiful piece of art..The art of writing. God Bless You

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