2 Min. Devo: Regrets And Missed Memories by Julie

I fell behind on the 31 Days Of 2 Min. Devos. Surprised are you? Not if you know me. I procrastinate. Sad to say but true. I know I have things to do but I often wait to the last minute to do them. It’s hard to keep up with life’s demands sometimes isn’t it? We have so many hats to wear and so many people to please.

But what if we slowed down a bit. Enjoyed the hugs from God. Played with our children, grandchildren or in my case our dogs more. I admit after my second child I did not take as much time to drink in my kids. I regret it because I missed a lot of special moments. I got so wrapped up in taking care of people and staying busy that I forgot to breathe in my babies. So many  precious memories slipped by without me even knowing.

I have a dream that it’s not too late. I have a dream that we will make beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Father make my dream come true. Show me how to capture, to breathe, to hold, to live this life one slow moment at a time.




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