Christ In Everything by Heather Tyson

Do I see Christ in every single thing? I ask myself that question a whole lot lately. I’ll say that if you sit and over analyze it, it seems almost weird. For example, upon emptying the dishwasher (which I hate with a passion by the way) or brushing my hair (ahem, not always on the top of my list either), do I literally see Christ in that? The fact that I can do neither of those things without Him and the actual breath He gives me each minute to sustain my life is nearly overwhelming if you think about it. Do I see Jesus in every task that I’m doing – the fact that I can’t do it and also the desire to know what He is doing IN me through that task. WILD!

So as I sit here working today, it’s easy to get mired down in performance reviews and new fiscal year goals and how is my success going to be measured. Fact is, though, none of those things will measure my success. Those things will show that I am doing my job well, but they don’t define my success. Jesus does. I’ve already succeeded because of Him. And every moment at my job is about Him. Don’t get me wrong, we show up to work and we do our jobs. And to the best of our ability. Because it is where He has placed us, but there is a reason that is not of the corporate variety. We are there to be a light. For Him. In every conversation. In every written communication. In every interaction. And not necessarily in our words even, but just in our general persona – are we letting HIM do through us? Think about it! It’s freeing!

And there are things like Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. All things I love to use on a daily basis. For what? Mainly, to share His love. I mean literally through social media, we can share the gospel like the speed of light – instantly out there for millions to see. Through words. Through conversations. Through interactions. It’s freeing!

We are free to be who He made us to be. But it is really not as much about being diligent about every word or thought or motion. It is about surrender and letting Christ do His thing. In emptying the dishwasher. In brushing our hair. In showing up to work. In social media. In writing a blog. It’s His time to shine, we are simply the vehicle.

It’s been an overwhelmingly busy week for me and having this settle in my brain has given me a breath of fresh air. I can’t fail with Jesus in my heart. The victory is won. He has risen from the dead. SO I WILL RISE.

In His Love and Mine!



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