Surgery and Recovery: Things I’ve Learned

What have I learned through my recent experience with surgery and recovery?

1- That God never leaves even while in a casket like MRI machine.

2- He makes Himself known through tough times too.

3- God heals and gives unbelievable peace.

4- Some neurosurgeons are pretty much done with you after surgery.

5- God gives hugs through the arms of people.

6- God makes phone calls, sends texts, Facebook messages and cards through other people. Thanks to all of you who listened to Him.

7- Crying out to God sometimes produces instantaneous visible answers.

8- God will give physical strength during your weakest times.

9- He will enable you to do things that seem virtually impossible.

10- Life goes on around you even when you seem to have stopped.

11- Friends and family can cook some good food!

13- Daughters step up when you need them.

14- I have not reached out to sick and recovering people like I should.

15- Husbands love and try to be strong and don’t want you to know they are worried. But they are…

16-  People you think won’t be there show up.

17- I can’t do everything for myself. I need help with some things.

18- I still miss my Mama when I’m sick.

19- Scarves are hard to keep on your head.

20- Prayer works. Prayer is conversation.

21- God listens 24 hours a day to whatever I want to tell Him.

22- He loves me even in self-pity AND He shows me a better way to deal with things.

23- Beth Moore is an awesome teacher and YouTube is a great internet tool to prove that.

24- I’m not done yet and there is a new adventure coming soon.

25- It’s true, God’s timing is perfect.

There is so much more I could add to this list but then you might get bored. I would love to hear from you if you have anything to add or if you have experienced some of these same things during illness and recovery.

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  1. Thank God for recovery Jules…that means you are still here amongst family and friends!! Glory!!! Love you bunches!

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