My Merrin By Heather Tyson

Today is my sweet little girl Merrin’s birthday. She’s four as of today. And she acts every bit of 12. From talking about boys (already) to having a sassy little attitude that I would imagine rivals that of any 15 year old, she has the sweetest spirit and the greatest smile.

As I reflect back on the short yet long life of my little Merrin, I can’t help but think about what my prayer for her is. Yes, I know, we all have those things we are supposed to say – that she will love, that she will be successful, that she will be healthy. Yes, I want all those things! BUT, I can truly say that my one prayer for her is that she will come to know Jesus at a very early age. As soon as she is able to grasp His great and mighty love for her, I want her to fall deeply and madly in love with Him. Forever. And her little life will be forever changed.

My mom and dad have done so many great things in life to point me straight to Jesus but of all those things one that I count the greatest is that they made sure that the first thing all of their grandkids heard when they were born was the gospel. With the birth of both of my girls, my mom let me know after her first little private conversation with them (which was minutes after birth), that they had heard the gospel. She shared that first and foremost because it’s all that matters. So while I sit here reflecting on that, I know in my heart that IS all that matters.

We as parents have a need to control our kids life. To protect them. To provide for them. To help them. To teach them. To mold them. To love them. Those are all great things, my friends, but in my prayer – I fervently pray that she will KNOW HIM. Then she will KNOW HER WORTH and all those things I want to do as a parent won’t matter. She will KNOW she is holy, blameless, chosen and LOVED. And man, what greater thing could you want for your child. Or for anyone?

May we be bold and mighty in proclaiming the gospel to the lost – from our own children to strangers on the street. May we love like Jesus and make a change in the world because we let HIM live through us.



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