Why Are You Jealous? by Heather Tyson

Yeah ya’ll Heather got married! And she’s back with a word that hits where it hurts. But opens our eyes to the truth.

That would be God ya’ll.


Have you ever been jealous of someone else? Ever sat and wondered why someone else is so much more blessed than you?  Felt sorry for yourself or like you can’t do anything right to get that kind of life? Moreover, isn’t it hard to hear people say things like “well, she is blessed because she is faithful” or “Well, she loves God so much He has blessed her immeasurably”?

Let me tell you why statements like that get under my skin. My God doesn’t work that way. My God is a fair and just God. He gives and He takes away and He blesses all who love Him. Here is the kicker – He loves us all and blesses us all. Seeing our lives as blessings and as immeasurably provision is all perspective. Let me explain. When we are jealous or when we covet or when we plain don’t think God is giving us enough it’s because our focus is on US. ME, ME, MEEEE. The times where we feel most blessed and most loved and most cared for are when our focus are on HIM, HIM, HIMMMMM. It’s our perspective people. It’s how we choose to see things. Will we see through our own eyes or through the eyes of Jesus?

There are plenty of things in our lives that we could constantly complain about – money, relationships, kids, friends, jobs, etc. Truth is, God is working in all of that. Every single bit of it. Because we are faithful, we SEE that. We aren’t blessed as a reward – He is blessing us every single day – our faithfulness, or our choice to see things through His eyes – allows us to focus on and see the blessings. What that means then is my life is no less great than one who has millions of dollars or one who has all of the material things I want or the one who seems to have the perfect family life and perfect job. Nope, not less blessed than them because I know that God is working in my life. I KNOW that He is working all things for good in my life and my perspective is that I am BLESSED.

I encourage you to choose to see things through HIM. Everything is about HIM. We can’t unload the dishwasher, or dry our hair, or even BREATHE without HIM. Choose to see every second about Him and His glory and I promise you that you will see yourself as blessed. How could you not in a relationship with the Creator of the whole universe who loves you dearly.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of writing on Wednesdays!

In Him,



  1. Danielle Becker says:

    That is such a great reminder, Heather! It is all to easy to have a pity party, rather than truly seeing the ways in which Christ is blessing us everyday and being so thankful for that. I think we often feel like it’s a competition and it just isn’t. Love your posts!

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