The Truth About The Holy Spirit- Stuff You Might Not Know

One of my most popular posts is Does The Holy Spirit Convict Of Sin Or Not? Not too many comment on it but it is read ALOT. Although readers are not talking to me about it I often wonder what they (you) really think about it. I mean after all it’s not a teaching we hear from the pulpit too many times if at all.

The Holy Spirit is God in us and He is love and does not condemn see Romans 8:1 and 1 John 4:8. However Scripture does teach that The Spirit convicts those who do not believe, of sin. He convicts believers of righteousness and reminds us that the ruler of this world has been judged and Jesus won!. IT IS FINISHED! John 16:8-11 Sometimes circumstances cause us to forget that truth so the Holy Spirit may say, “Remember you have the victory through Christ.”

He reminds me that I am righteous, holy, snow white before my Father. My sins are forgiven and forgotten because of the shed blood of Jesus. Circumstances and sin often lead us into a belief  we are no longer who God says we are and the Spirit reminds us, “Hey you, no matter what this looks like right now remember who you are and remember who your Father is.”

In a sermon at my church today the pastor spoke on Exodus 3. The part that really stuck out to me was when Moses asked God,”Well who do I tell them sent me?” God said, “You tell them I AM sent you.” And guess what? He is everything I am not. He is my completion. When I am up to my neck in sin or circumstances He IS everything, my total provision for anything in life. So when I’m in the midst of “stuff” the Holy Spirit reaffirms that God’s got this too. FYI the sermon was fabulous and was delivered by a guest Pastor Kevin Campbell from a new church plant in San Diego, Elevate Church.

Why did I write this today? Because I’ve been reminded of who I am because of what He did and it makes me warm and peaceful. Have some for yourself. He gives freely.


  1. Pat Huckaby says:

    I loved it and I am so sorry we missed Pastor Campbell. The Holy Spirit is OUR everything and He is what keeps me going (Our Comforter) I wish more pastors would preach boldly about who the Holy Spirit is but some people are afraid to talk about who the Spirit is because of some churches craziness. Jesus Christ said after He was crucified and had come back and appeared to so many thousands “I have to go now so that one who is far greater than me can come:”. That should cause you to stand up and listen!!!! Francis Chan’s book ” Forgotten God” explains it thoroughly


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