Who Is God?

When we know who God is to us it enables us to trust and love Him. How can we trust someone we don’t know? It’s imperative that we realize who our Father is and just how much He loves us. So today I’m declaring who my God is to me…. and you. Gen. 15:1 He is our […]

The Words That Spoke Strong

I sat in my oversized chair in my newly painted office. Feeling a lack of peace and uncertainty I needed to know God was in control of my circumstances. I wanted to know it was going to be okay. I was desperate to know He was true to His Word and that His love was strong. When I opened […]

Being Intentional EVERY DAY by Heather Bryant Freeman

      Today I am just thankful. Thankful for life. Thankful for grace and mercy. Thankful I know Jesus. Do you ever wonder how anyone makes it through every day life without Jesus? Think about the worst storm in your life – the most horrid of circumstances you can imagine. What got you through […]

Real Life, Attitudes, And Jesus by Heather Bryant Freeman

  The past week has been a tough one for me. I’m going to be honest, I’ve just plain struggled – with everything. Struggled with stress, with work, with being nice to my friends, with respecting and loving my soon to be husband, with being pleasant with my kids, with desiring to teach my women’s group, with […]

Posting Over At CWO… Hurrry check it out.

Yep I’m over at Christian Women’s Online Network today. Check out this post and be sure and look around while you’re there. http://christianwomenonline.net/2012/07/10/body-soul-and-spirit/

The Truth About The Holy Spirit- Stuff You Might Not Know

One of my most popular posts is Does The Holy Spirit Convict Of Sin Or Not? Not too many comment on it but it is read ALOT. Although readers are not talking to me about it I often wonder what they (you) really think about it. I mean after all it’s not a teaching we hear from the pulpit too […]

My Independence Day

    Today, July 4, 2012, we celebrate our great country and independence and freedom. What a tremendous opportunity we have in the United States of America – to live totally free. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 marks when we were set free as a nation – independent  from the Kingdom of […]