Remembering the Good Things About Daddy, by Julie Moore

1- He loved to sit on the porch and listen to the rain.

2- Storms never frightened him. He even went outside when a tornado was close to see if he could get a glimpse. Mama had me and my brother huddled in the stairway of the basement. I was always afraid a tornado would take him away.

3- All Daddy’s shirts had a pocket. The pocket held his cigarettes and lighter.

4- He played “giddy up horsey going to town, ride a little Julie to get some cannndddyyyy.” When he said candy he opened his knees but held my hands and I dropped. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. He continued this game on with my kids. They loved it too.

5- He loved his family fiercely.

6- My daddy kissed us goodbye and said “I love you” every morning before he went to work. This went on until I got married and moved out. 

7- He read the newspaper every morning. After he retired and my kids went to school I joined him in a cup of coffee while he read. I remember his reading glasses slid down on his nose. This was a special time for me.

8- Daddy didn’t go to church but he got up early on Sunday mornings to watch gospel singing. It was funny because most the time he had a beer in hand. This way he could keep from being a hypocrite. That’s why he said he didn’t go to church.

9- He loved to cook after he retired. Garlic was his favorite spice and he used it in almost everything he made. Justin Wilson was his favorite and he watched that show every day.

10- My dad loved to eat anything but rice. He said rice had no taste or purpose. He ate slow as to enjoy every bite sometimes stopping to smoke before finishing. Daddy always cleaned his plate and finished anybody else’s plate too.

11- His mom and dad raised 8 children and they were a close knit family but poor. He told us many times of the long, hot days he spent picking cotton. He had no toys except a half of a brick which he pretended was a car. My daddy made due with whatever he could get and was happy for it.

12- He quit school in the ninth grade to help make money for the family but he was one of the most informed, intelligent men I have ever known. He educated himself through, books, newspaper and the news on television. Daddy knew a little bit about everything.

13- He rode motorcycles with Chuck Norris in the late 60’s. True story.

14- He taught me how to drive and had a lot of patience with me even when I drove on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

15- He grew a garden every year up until he passed away. His favorite vegetables were tomatoes and okra. Fried okra.

16- He had the biggest, strongest hands of any man I’ve ever known.

17- In 1963 he began working at Ford Motor Company in Hapeville Georgia and retired 30 years later. They gave him a catalog from which to choose a retirement gift and instead of getting something nice for himself he got my Mama a three strand genuine pearl necklace.

18- In 1999 his colon ruptured and six weeks later on Sept. 5th he died at Emory University Hospital. His whole family gathered round hours before he passed and sang hymns. My heart was ripped out of my chest that day. God healed my heart but there will always be a piece missing.

Daddy I love you still….

Okay it’s your turn. Tell me something you remember about your Dad.


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