He Already Knows/ by Heather Freeman Bryant

 I have not felt it today – just NOT feeling it at all. I don’t know what to write about. All of my experiences seems kinda “ehhh” or “whatever” and then I feel like it’s not anything impactful and how can that be used and so on and so on into the pit we go, right? SO, let’s talk about honesty! How honest are we with ourselves and with God all the time? I think if I had to guess on behalf of us all, I’d say that sometimes we are and sometimes we just aren’t. A lot of times we aren’t – we put on those masks and hide behind those THINGS we are supposed to do and say and think and live up to – all to make ourselves feel better about where we are with Him. And for what? Because the truth is we don’t have to do any of those things – God’s goal is more intimacy with us – a closer, deeper relationship every day. What would help that? Honesty! Just like our earthly relationships – honestly is key. The difference is we don’t HAVE to be honest with God all the time because He already knows exactly how we feel. Annnnnd, therefore, NOT being honest with Him is like us pushing ourselves away a bit.

So while I sit here not feeling it or wondering how I can be used in writing something out to share with you, He knows how I’m feeling. I know He is going to work in whatever I write about and in my honesty in how I’m feeling about it. See, that is where we have to depend solely on Him. We can do NOTHING apart from Him (John 15:4-5). Folks, we can’t even BREATHE without Him. We just can’t. He is the sustainer of our very LIFE.

Let me give you a few examples of where I have seen God work in my life in my complete honesty:

I shared last week – very transparently – my unbelief. It happens and it’s bad. But He works in that. I presented how I really felt to Him about not believing I would ever be brought into marriage and guess what? He already knew.

Lesson Learned: He already had that taken care of.

When I was going through divorce and in counseling, I was urged to pray for my soon to be ex husband. And so I did. Guess what I prayed for? Lightning to strike him. For him to get sick. For him to suffer. That’s what was in my heart. Then, after praying completely honestly about all of that, God started changing my heart – softening it towards my ex husband. I presented how I really felt to Him and guess what? He already knew.

Lesson Learned: He already had that taken care of.

There was a time in my life that I felt SO alone and abandoned and just down and out. I prayed to God and told Him how angry I was. How hurt I was. How I felt like He was leaving me out there to suffer to learn some kind of lesson. I told Him exactly how I felt about His “plan” all the while acknowledging I knew He had one even if I didn’t like it. I presented how I really felt to Him and guess what? He already knew.

Lesson Learned:  He already had that taken care of.

The way I see it is this – drum roll – He already has that care of. Whatever THAT is. He has got it. It’s a shame we have to be smacked upside the head so many times to be reminded of that but it’s true! And I further see it as it relates to honesty, like this – if we hide how we really feel from Him, we are pretending, we are having a superficial relationship with our creator and the master of the universe. To be honest about how we feel, presenting that in prayer, we are acknowledging what He already knows and what He already has taken care of FOR US.

I urge you to be honest in your struggles. In your joys. In your sorrow and in your laughter. Our God is mighty and sovereign…..and personal and intimate. He knows what NO ONE else does, which sets us up for the MOST intimate relationship possible.

Honest or not, He knows. And He has that taken care of. For His Glory.


  1. Linda Ogle Dunaway says:

    This was just plain awesome what you wrote! Yes…He knows everything & He knows what is in our heads & our heart and He still loves us. Keep writing!

  2. “He is the Sustainer of our very life.” YES and AMEN. Very well said.

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