Rest, Does It Equal Lazy?/ One Minute Devo by Julie

Today as I prayed the word “rest” came out as in “Father let me rest in You this day.” Some folks think when I say “rest in Jesus and let Him do the work” that I mean sit down and be lazy. Of course I would never suggest such a thing. Rest in this context means as you go about your daily routine let Jesus be the guide for everything you do, say and think. When He is in control there is rest in everything we encounter. Rest is peace in Jesus, to trust Him to lead you in a way that glorifies God.

As you begin your day take time to surrender your lfe to Him so you can live in Him. This precious rest only comes as we make an intentional decision to let Jesus live in and through us. So go ahead and seize the day but rest while you do it.

A special note to moms who have begun summer vacation with your kids: Enjoy every minute. Look for those teachable moments and make good memories. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made during my summer vacations from school.

Resting in Him,




  1. I love this, it is so true. I love to get up early and spend time with God, my true best friend, one who always listens to every word and thought. One who never repeats what I say. One who understands me, no matter how I feel, never to busy to listen to my smallest complaint.

    When I rest in him, my life is so much more calm. No matter now busy I am, if I put him first, my life is peaceful.

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