This Mother’s Day Will Be Different


Mother’s Day is hard day for some of us for one reason or another. It’s weird to try and celebrate without your mother. The first two years after my mom died I didn’t go to church or celebrate although my kids did their best to make it good. As time went by it got a little easier and this year I really don’t dread it that much. I’ll be in worship service with my daughter and then out to eat to celebrate ME. I think this is what I have to concentrate on now. My children want to celebrate Mother’s Day with me because I’m their mother and I’m worth it.

I wasn’t sure I would ever say that about myself but over time I’ve finally realized that I have to move past the mistakes I’ve made with my kids. There comes a time when you just have to accept what’s happened and make the most of what you have left. That’s what I’m doing now. I’m trying to enjoy my children and build good relationships with them.

 I want the best for my children so I pray every day. I pray that they will KNOW god loves them. It is this truth that will change their lives more than anything else. When they realize He really loves them, that He wants the best for them its then they will trust Him with everything. I may be the only person praying for them so I take this responsibility seriously. God has the answer to it all and if I seek Him for them I feel confident He will guide them through till light and truth shine through.

Yes this Mother’s Day we will celebrate our family as it is now and the good memories of the past. I will enjoy being with my kids, remembering how blessed I am to have them. I’ll also remember my mother and the good memories we had together. This day is a day to be thankful not a day to mourn. I’ve mourned enough.



  1. That sounds like a great Mother’s Day!

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