Who Am I? Heather Bryant Freeman

A Word This Wednesday from Heather Bryant Freeman…

If you had to define who you are in 3 words, what would it be? Be honest. If we are being truly honest, that 3 word phrase probably changes every day. It is probably created by where we are in life as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, co-workers and on and on….

Let me start with 3-word phrases that do not really define who I really am:

Former Party Girl

Hateful Teenage Girl

Really Mean Sister

Fairly Disrespectful Daughter

Fair Weather Friend

Low Self-Esteem Student

Divorced Single Mom

See, I may have “been” those things at one time in my life. Okay, no “may have been” about it – I acted that way for sure. Here is the great news, though, that’s never who I WAS, Praise God. That’s the cool thing about identity. You’ve probably read so many things about identity and what determines that. It’s birth that determines that right? If a dog has babies, are they kittens? No, they are puppies. That is their identity. Birth determines that. So, I was born a child. I wasn’t born any of those things listed above. Sure, I took actions in my life that put me in the position for others to see me that way, but that didn’t change that I was actually born a child.

Spiritually speaking, we are born sinners. We just are. It’s our identity. It’s who we are. When we come to know Jesus Christ, we are born again. Literally born again. What does that mean then? That our identity changes. WOW. OUR IDENTITY CHANGES.

I came to know Jesus as my savior when I was 5 years old. While I didn’t fully understand the depth of His great love and of His grace and mercy on that day, I accepted Him to reign in my life. I was born again. On that day, in that rebirth, He changed my identity. Now, after that, I was never born another time. Which means Former Party Girl, Hateful Teenage Girl, Really Mean Sister, Fairly Disrespectful Daughter, Fair Weather Friend, Low Self-Esteem Student, Divorced Single Mom never became my identity. Those things happened. I acted like those things but that couldn’t change my identity because that is determined by birth.

The absolute beautiful truth is that upon salvation/rebirth, my identity changed forever. FOREVER. None of my actions change who I am now, which is, in 3 word phrases:

Child of God

Daughter of King

Lover of Jesus

Heir to Throne

Friend of Sinners


THAT IS TRUTH! And what an amazing freeing truth that is. My dear friend Julie and I both have such a burden for sharing this truth and what the acceptance of this truth in our lives has done for us. To fully grasp the love of Christ in a way that it truly changes your life. That you understand grace and walk in freedom and enjoy the abundant life He calls us to live. That you understand we are preparing on earth to REIGN in heaven with Him forever! I look so forward to sharing with you so much of my experience in life and what God has taught me through all of it.

For today, know this: while I acted as all of those things at one time in my life, I am so thankful that didn’t change who He says I am in the best 3 words ever:

Holy, Blameless, Loved.



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Coming soon!  Heather and I will begin a new adventure with God. We believe He’s calling us to go to our own community and any where else He leads to present the message of God’s Love, Grace and Our Identity in Christ. Because this message changed our own lives so dramatically we know and believe it can do the same for others. Please pray for us as we begin this journey.  If you would like  to invite GraceFull Women  to come to your church, women’s group or event contact us at gracefullwomen.com.







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