I said, “It’s Mine!” God Said, “No It’s Not.” by Julie Moore

I was humbled this week by certain events. It hurts because I can see pride in myself so clearly. I guess I thought I was humble enough, surrendered enough, in tune enough to keep going the way I was headed. That was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in a while. God took something I considered MINE and clearly showed me it’s not. It is either His way or it will be nothing. Wow what a blast to my ego.

The thing is I’m not supposed to have an ego. The only thing I am to boast in is Jesus Christ and Him alone. How did I get the idea this thing was MY thing? I think I just took it too lightly knowing deep down I was so wrong. When the Father gives me something to care for, something to use in ministry it’s important that I treat it with respect and use it for His glory, not my own.

This wakeup call drew me deeper into the Word and prayer in examination of myself. I found a woman (me) who was caught up in and overwhelmed by life, a woman who was not taking time to do things with excellence as they should be done. I found I was doing it in my own strength and not His. Big mistake on my part.

The good news is that My Father knows me, loves me and will lead me to the place He knows I need to be if I will let go of control. I released it to Him and have had to repeat the process several times this week. But doing it over and over leads me to surrender and surrender leads to wisdom and understanding. Thank You God for giving me second chances, not because I deserve it but because Jesus opened that door for me over 2000 years ago.

But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. Galatians 6:4

In His Arms,


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  1. LaMonica Wigfall says:

    Hey Jules….thank you for this my dear friend. God is so Faithful and like you said, He forgives because He forgave us on the Cross of Christ, and glory to His Name for His grace that keeps us!! Thank You Sweet Jesus for opening the door for me, giving me an all access pass into the Holy of Holies!!! Remain a blessing!

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