Winds of Sorrow

I want to welcome my friend Holly Watson once again. She is a godly woman with so much grace and love for others. My heart broke when I read this post because she brought me to the point of understanding God’s heart. Please read, enjoy but most of all seek Him today.

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My heart is broken and I am in great sorrow. Romans 9:2


On this particular morning we hadn’t expected to go to church. We’d experienced a full week, fulfilled our ministry commitment the night before, and were going to spend a quiet morning at home. But when I awoke… I felt a prompting by the Holy Spirit to attend church despite our plans.


Because of our last minute decision, we were running a little late and my husband dropped me off at the curb. As I stepped onto the property, I immediately heard the beautiful voice of a woman singing acapella from across the way. As I stood there awaiting my husband’s return, I felt the Holy Spirit drawing me closer to the angelic voice, realizing  it was coming from the chapel. I listened closely as the voice wooed me into its presence, remembering we had never experienced a service in the chapel before. As my husband arrived… we agreed today was the day to do just that…so we headed towards the chapel.


As we stepped into the foyer, I immediately felt a sorrow sweep across the recesses of my heart. I felt a soft wind of sadness blow over me, moving through my spirit, in ways I’d never experienced before. With each step we took towards the sanctuary, the sorrow became stronger, my heart was moved deeper and tears began to sting my eyes.  Everything in me wanted to turn around and walk away. I had never entered a building and felt such and overwhelming sense of sadness. It was this overwhelming feeling of sadness that wanted to make me run, but the wooing of the gentle music was drawing me closer into its presence.


It wasn’t an oppression that was felt in the atmosphere; it was an awareness that sorrow had touched this place. I could tangibly feel the winds of grief, heartache, and pain that had passed through these walls. They were soft whispers and tears of sadness that were calling out for comfort and hope. I didn’t have any history of what took place in the chapel, other than it was an intimate setting for worship and my son was married here.


Entering the sanctuary, as I struggled to hold back my tears, I felt the Holy Spirit leading us to sit in the center of what was happening in our midst. As we arrived at our seats, my natural senses still couldn’t comprehend the sadness that filled the room. I began to feel so overtaken with emotion, all I could do was sit there and allow the tears to fill my eyes. The only comfort I found… was listening to the woman’s beautiful voice offer praises to her King.


Trying to get my eyes off the sorrow, I began to look around remembering the day my son got married and what a joyful occasion it had been. Sorrow and the memory of our happy occasion… just didn’t make sense.


“What is this Lord?”  I asked, as I looked around the room waiting for some indications that we had entered the wrong service. I sat there silently awaiting a reply. I heard nothing…but the overwhelming sadness continued to grip my heart.


As we began to worship, with tears streaming down my face, I whispered to my husband of the sadness I felt. He agreed and immediately went to his knees in prayer.


Again I asked, “What is this sadness, Lord?”

 He replied, “This is the depths of the sadness felt in the hearts of my people”.


My heart was immediately broken, as I looked around the room and realized the pain that was lingering within the hearts of God’s children. I couldn’t help but wonder what had brought them to this place.


I continued talking with the Lord trying to gain understanding.


“Why are You allowing me to feel this Lord,” I asked. “

Why have You brought us here?” 

“I want you to feel and see the sadness that resides in my people, He replied.” I want you to feel this sadness so that you will understand what some of my children walk through”. 

“I want you to be aware….”


Then silence….


As I heard these words and tried to comprehend their meaning… I sat there stunned. I couldn’t grasp what the Lord was trying to show me, because the sorrow had overtaken my senses. My head was trying to take in what I just heard, but my heart was filled with grief. I had experienced pain and tribulation in my life…but never to these depths. I began to be thankful that I was spared such pain.


The young woman standing on the platform began reading words from a book called Reflections. As she finished her beautiful passage, she proceeded to share that the next morning a 4 yr. old child, who had gone home to be with the Lord, would have his memorial service here. My heart could take no more… I quietly sobbed.




The death of a loved one.

The loss of a child.

The suffering of sickness and disease.

The pain of a divorce.

The betrayal of a spouse.

The anguish of addiction.

The shattered lives of abuse.


The Lord whispered,” It’s all been here in this place.”


Everything began to come together. I suddenly realized what this room represented. It was obvious we were in the midst of a place where God’s people came, to offer up their prayers and desperate cries, asking their God to meet them in their time of need. They came to offer up petitions to the Lord, asking Him to move on their behalf, as they walked through the valleys of life. This was the place where the sick, the desperate, the lonely, the heartbroken, the devastated and the lost would come and bow at the Father’s feet longing and waiting for their miracle.  It was for all those who were hungry and searching to hear the voice of the Almighty speak a word of life, comfort or hope into their desperate situation. It was a place that held tears and sorrow. But deep down in the hearts of us all…it represents a place where Hope can be restored!


I don’t know what sorrows fill your heart today, but what I do know is your Father in Heaven does. He knows. He knows every tear you’ve shed and every prayer you’ve ever offered up to Him. He’s seen you. He understands your anguish and your pain.


 As you’ve read the words on this page today, give yourself permission to lay in your Father’s arms, and allow Him to give you solace in the deepest parts of your heart. Allow Him to comfort you and hold you as long as it takes for you to find peace and rest. Find rest my child…find rest!  Selah






  1. Wow Holly, this is powerful, humbling, scary and beautiful all at once. What an amazing privilege to feel the heart of God and of his people.

  2. LaMonica Wigfall says:

    Holly, as I read your story…I was transported, there, right there with you, kneeling in prayer beside your husband, engulfed, with mixed emotions, but feeling the Presence of Almighty God! Thank you my dear, thank you for so clearly sharing, re-living, feeling, and allowing God to speak to you through His children. Glory to the One Who saves and heals!!


  3. God Bless You…LaMonica. Thank you for reading and allowing the words of the Holy Spirit to move through you and touch your heart. ❤ Love, Holly


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