The Voice, American Idol and Unique People

American Idol logo 2008–2011

American Idol logo 2008–2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As I watched The Voice tonight I thought , “How different they are from each other.” Then Adam made the same comment. I love the uniqueness of people.  Tonight on The Voice all the girls BROUGHT. IT. And if you watch you know how totally unique they are. Variety makes the world more interesting.

I tuned in to American Idol last week and I’m thinking Phillip Phillips is still my favorite because he remains faithful to himself and his music. Even down to his clothes, he’s still the same PP that we first saw in Savannah.

 We are all gifted in one way or another. I’m thankful God created us that way. Some of us are like a powerful force to  be reckoned with just as Germaine and Juliett were tonight and Skylar is a little power house on the AI stage. These folks come out, take over and GET. IT. DONE. God made some of us like that too. They come in a room and everyone knows he/she is there then they take charge and get it done.

Then there are people like Lyndsey. We are easy going, laid back people who can roll with the flow when necessary. We may seem like push overs but we are actually lovers of people and we like to make them happy. And when push comes to shove we can step up to the plate and do what is necessary. I say this because I am in this category… most of the time. (don’t know Lyndsey personally so I’m not sure if this her personality but she’s kinda shy)

I like that America is looking at the talent and gifts of ALL the contestants even the women who may not be the image of the perfect model types. There are real women on the Voice this year.  And I love them for who they are and their bold courage to get on that stage and proclaim “I’m beautiful and proud to be me.” By the way my favorite on The Voice is Katrina. I love her clear, raspy toned beautiful voice, her angelic face and her humble attitude. But they are all winners by all rights.  

There are those who have overcome tragedy like Jamar and Erin. They have persevered through hard times and stand tall on that stage singing from their hearts to our souls. A lot of times its the trials that cause us to have the courage to step out and do what we know we should do. Love a story of triumph.

The thing is we are  special. God created each one as individuals. It’s just that  sometimes we decide we need to create our own selves to fit the mold of the world. That’s one reason I have pushed for Phillip Phillips. He has not transformed into the person some think he should. Even when Tommy Hilfiger was dressing the Idols Phillip stuck with his taste in style. IN-DI-VI-DUAL.

If you think you are the exception to the rule, think again. You are special, unique and you have gifts and talents to share with your world. God don’t make no messes. I’m proud to be me now but it has taken years for me to get to the point that I believed the truth. I may not be what others “think” I should be but I’m letting Him create in me a new work, a new song and I’ll sing His praises.


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