He Already Knows/ by Heather Freeman Bryant

 I have not felt it today – just NOT feeling it at all. I don’t know what to write about. All of my experiences seems kinda “ehhh” or “whatever” and then I feel like it’s not anything impactful and how can that be used and so on and so on into the pit we go, […]

Rest, Does It Equal Lazy?/ One Minute Devo by Julie

Today as I prayed the word “rest” came out as in “Father let me rest in You this day.” Some folks think when I say “rest in Jesus and let Him do the work” that I mean sit down and be lazy. Of course I would never suggest such a thing. Rest in this context […]

I’m Waiting To Hear From God/ One minute devo from Julie

You are answering my prayer I know You are . Thank You for Your warm love while I wait. I KNOW You care about every bit of my life. Yet I wonder how, because I make such messes. I know You are moving in the situation but I do not understand how just yet. All I know […]

I Thought God Wouldn’t Answer THIS Prayer/ by Heather

The single most important thing I’ve learned in the past 3 years is TRULY understanding grace. Walking in freedom and knowing who I am in Christ. I sit here thinking back on all the heartache I’ve experienced – divorce, loneliness, anger and so much more. And then there is grace – which covers all. HIS […]

Who Makes You Complete? by Julie Moore

    She was so lonely and had been for at least 12 years. She was sick, fatigued, pale, broke and needed someone to help her. But there was no one. Anna had no support from family, friends or the church and at times felt she it might be better to end her life. She […]

We All Need A Kindred Spirit Friend/ by Julie Moore

To receive more posts and devotionals directly to your email Subscribe to GraceFull Women or “like” our facebook page. I met a friend at one of the local coffee shops this morning. We sat and talked about everything under the sun for 3 ½ hours. She caught me up on her life circumstances and I did […]

Fighting My Own Battles Got Me Nowhere/ Heather

Anyone who knows me well will probably tell you I have a quick mouth. Thanks for the agreement, mom. I tend to be quick witted with the tongue and before I can stop myself, I will throw out a sarcastic comment. I can’t help myself sometimes – it’s just what I do! While this can sometimes […]

A Letter From A Mother To Her Daughter

Some of you have read this letter from a mother to her daughter but its worth reading again. I wish I had of had this kind of patience with my own mother. Cherish the times you have with yours because you never know when time is up.     Letter from a Mother to a […]

This Mother’s Day Will Be Different

  Mother’s Day is hard day for some of us for one reason or another. It’s weird to try and celebrate without your mother. The first two years after my mom died I didn’t go to church or celebrate although my kids did their best to make it good. As time went by it got […]

Email In Response To Heather’s Post “Fear and Relationships

 I received this email from a precious friend of mine after she read Heather’s post last week. “Fear and Relationships”. I asked her if I could share it with you because it is so full of passion for God. LaMonica’s heart is tender to God and I thought WOW! wouldn’t be amazing if I was seeking […]