Secret Lovers

Welcome my friend Shaprecious McGruder  today. She is still a babe compared to my 48 years but she has had some interesting life experiences. Precious writes poetry and her talent is amazing to me. She speaks at churches and other events reading her poetry for the enjoyment of all. Her piece today is thought-provoking with wordsthat  cause me to take a second look at my life. Enjoy.

Do you have a real relationship with God or are you his secret lover?

I was sitting there just about to have dinner at the table when my Love spoke to me. He calmly asked, “Are you ashamed of me?” I chuckled a little and asked, “What kind of question is that?
“He replied sharply, “A real one!” Right then and then I knew that the conversation was serious. “Well my Love, what do you mean? He began to pour out his heart. “Well I can’t remember the last time you actually talked to me. It seems like you only want me here when you’re down but when things are good you want me nowhere around. I try to tell you things but you never take the time to listen. It’s like you don’t have faith in me and you would rather waste your time on hopeless wishing. I love you and all I’ve ever wanted is to be with you one you’re journey but yet you’re always looking for someone else to fill my shoes. You know I’m jealous so why is it you do the things you do?” I was stuck and didn’t know what to say. My thoughts were rattled but I had to defend myself. I knew I hadn’t been that cold or had I? When I got ready to explain my Love quickly cut me off and said, “I don’t wanna hear it! I’ve heard all of your excuses and empty promises; while I have forgiven you every time. I always come to your rescue and somehow you manage to get right back into what I just delivered you from.” I broke out proclaiming, “But I love you!” He stared me straight in the eye and stated, “Well if you love me the way you claim you do why don’t you tell anyone about me? Why is it that the only time you call on me is when you’re in need? You don’t even want to take me anywhere with you. I remember once you told me that I didn’t need to go where you were going but if it wasn’t a place for Me then it certainly wasn’t a place for you. I followed you there anyway just to make sure you were safe. Not once that night did you mention me.” He paused for a moment the continued, “Do any of you friends or family even know about us?” Tears began to flow from my eyes and I was speechless as well as ashamed. He held me close and wiped every tear from my eyes. I spoke softly, “I do love you, guess I just got a funny way of showing it. Our relationship has been a secret way too long. I admit our relationship has been truly concealed. I know you don’t ask for much. You provide for me and love me; while all you ask for is my time and loyalty. I’m so sorry you give me a love that’s unexplainable but also worthy of hearing about. For now on I will tell everyone just how good you’ve been to me. They will see that your light shines through me. I want to build our relationship. You have been better to me than I have ever been to myself. Jesus I love you and I’m going to prove it by showing you first then the world. Secret lovers we can no longer be!” He smiled at my repentance and knew that my feelings were true. He spoke and said, “That’s all I ask because secret lovers weren’t meant for me and you!”

By: Shaprecious McGruder


  1. wow – this is absolutely amazing!

  2. Jenny Flowers says:

    Way to go Shaprecious, very amazed always at what you write. Can’t wait for the next one! Jenny

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